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Arab League welcomes the understanding between Fatah and Hamas on the outstanding issues of reconciliation

By Tajuddin
Sep 27th, 2014

Fatah and Hamas  Leaders

Cairo ( Agencies + DIPLOMAT.SO) – The Arab League welcomed Saturday the partial agreement between Hamas and Fatah on the formation of a unified government.

Valuing Egypt’s role in the mediation efforts, the League’s Assistant Secretary General for Palestine and Occupied Arab Lands Affairs’ Ambassador Mohammad Subeeh told reporters that that Egypt championed the talks despite being “preoccupied with its inner affairs.” Both Palestinian rivals have been meeting here for several days for Cairo-sponsored talks aiming to settle outstanding issues, mainly a national unity government.

The Gaza ceasefire struck in August between Israel and the Palestinians stipulates that the Palestinian Authority (PA), led by Mahmoud Abbas, should take over civil administration in Gaza from Hamas.

In addition to the row over the unity government, a dispute over the PA’s non-payment of salaries to Gaza’s public sector workers brought more tensions between the two factions to near-breaking point.

This includes some 50,000 former employees of Hamas, including those of the security and civil services, including workers in the health and education sectors.

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