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Somali Intelligence Snipers kills 7 Suicide bombers

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Aug 31st, 2014
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Jilaow Prison

Mogadishu (DIPLOMAT)- Somalia’s government forces regained control of a high security prison in the capital that was attacked Sunday by seven heavily armed suspected Islamic militants who attempted to free other extremists held there, officials said.

According to the security and medical reports, at least 10 people, seven Al-shabab members, two soldiers and a civilian have been killed during the fierce fighting as Bondere district commissioner Kasim Abdullahi confirmed to media.

National Intelligence Security Agency “NISA” prison is one of the most important prisons in Mogadishu, where Al-shabab suspects are detaine. Over 15 suspected Al-shabab members were held in the prison, waiting to be tried by Somali military court.

Unspecified number of wounded people were rushed to hospitals as ambulances reached the scene.

Mohamed Yussuf Osman, the spokesman of the ministry of National Security who held press conference in the prison said the forces have aborted the attacks of Al-shabab, adding that no prisoner escaped from the prison.

Al-shabab has no yet given comment about the raid.

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