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Col. Hirale arrives in Mogadishu after reconciliation

By Tajuddin
In Local News
Aug 31st, 2014

Col. Barre Aden Shire - Hirale-

Mogadishu (DIPLOMAT)- Former Defense Minister of Somalia Colonel Barre Aden Shire (Hiiraale) had this evening arrived in Mogadishu, after he accepted a peace deal mediated by the Federal Government of Somalia and Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

In a tightened Security, the Colonel accompanied by government ministers were welcomed by officials from the federal government of Somalia at the airport after he earlier today met with the Interim Juba Administration in Kismayo Ahmed Mohamed Madobe in Kismayo.

Madoobe and Hiirale once fought on the leadership of Jubba administration which forced the later to take off from the town.

Interim Juba Administration is planning to organize a large reconciliation conference which they said it will lead to the formation of an inclusive administration for the most conflict host-region in Southern Somalia.

The reconciliation conference is due to commence in September, according to a schedule released by its organizers, and on Thursday Bare Hirale accepted to take part in the reconciliation conference in Kismayo.

Colonel Barre Aden Shire (Hiiraale) is a former Minister who served once as the Defense minister and once as Minister for National Reconstruction and Resettlement of the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG).

He was also the Chairman of the now defunct Juba Valley Alliance, which controlled Southern and Southwestern Somalia, including the nation’s third-largest city, the strategic port town of Kismayo. During his time in office, Hiiraale presided over the country’s largest autonomous area, as well as commanding an extensive militia.

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