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Kenyan ladies crazy for Virginity Soap

By Tajuddin
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Jul 30th, 2014

Kenyan ladies

Nairobi ( DIPLOMAT) – The new soap has Spread in an unprecedented way in the Nairobi markets of to restore virginity.

The soap has taken the market by storm.

Kenyan ladies rushed to the shops to buy ,so as to convince their husbands.

after vagina whitening creams and tightening gels we now have virginity soaps selling like hotcakes in the Nairobi market.


Despite the fact that these soaps do not conform to health regulations, women in Kenya have been using it and sales people swear by its effectiveness.

The sellers of the soap claim their product will firm up flabby buttocks firm in just one month with salespersons recommending to customers that it be used twice a day for desired result.

Ladies of the night swear by its efficacy while health professionals and other professional women also hunt for it.

the soap work instantly, but the effects increase as you keep using it. Your activeness also affects the working of the soap. If you are intimate more often then the soap’s effects will take time to be really felt.

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