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Turkey trains future Somali diplomats

By Tajuddin
Jul 12th, 2014

Turkey trains future Somali diplomats

Turkish foreign ministry has concluded a week-long diplomatic training course for ten future Somali diplomats, as part of the Turkish government’s plans to help boost the war-ravaged country’s foreign policy.

According to Turkish foreign ministry officials, the future Somali diplomats were taught lessons relating to foreign policy and as well as how to establish negotiations.

“Holding such trainings for Somali diplomats will end here—we are planning to organize more courses for the young Somali diplomats” director for the diplomatic academy of the Turkish foreign ministry Mrs. Burco Cevik told the closing ceremony on Friday.

This is the second high profile training for the future Somali diplomats, who had taken similar  training courses in South Africa last year.

The young diplomats including some former journalists are expected to return home after they have visited some historic sites in Turkey, according to a press statement from Somalia’s foreign ministry.

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