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Paolo Maldini shuts out AC Milan management role

By Tajuddin
Oct 11th, 2016

AC Milan Legend Paolo Maldini

AC Milan Legend Paolo Maldini

Milan, Lombardy region, Italy ( Agencies + DIPLOMAT.SO) – AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini has penned an open letter explaining why he rejected the chance to rejoin the club as technical director.

Maldini spent his entire 24-year playing career at Milan, making more than 900 appearances for the club and helping them to 13 major honours – including five Champions League titles.

The 48-year-old revealed last week that he had been in talks with Milan general manager Marco Fassone about the possibility of a behind-the-scenes role at San Siro, but has rejected reports that the owners were unhappy with demands he made.

“Milan has always been for me a matter of the heart and passion, my story, my father’s and my children’s prove it and no-one can delete this our bond with the Rossoneri colours. This very strong link requires me to be careful, precise and professional in accepting the job that I was offered,” Maldini wrote in a lengthy post on Facebook.

“Of course, it would be much easier to follow the excitement of the proposal and say yes, without thinking of the possible consequences and go headlong into this new adventure. But no, I can not, I have to respect the values ​​that have accompanied me throughout my life, I have to respect the many fans that have been identified over the years in me a passion, will and seriousness, I have to respect Milan and myself.

“I would like to clarify some concepts to the Milan fans and the press, which gathered and told of the news that move the substance of the matter on the economic aspect, forgetting the importance that I and my family have given to the sense of belonging to Milan: the salary has always been a consequence of the agreement, never the cause. This news, among other things, have been suggested as “anonymous” sources across channels and people I’ve known for 30 years, aiming to discredit my person to justify the failure to agree. I was not sure I break our confidentiality agreement.

“I have not put forward economic demands, I reiterated at their first meeting that the definition of the role to be the basic key to a possible collaboration. How could I quantify a proposal when they are not set out clearly the responsibilities? I pointed out that I would have given my all to a serious project that had seen me in a role that I would never accept to be used as “simple flag.” I repeat: AC Milan for me is a choice of heart.

“I never asked for a “role to Galliani,” or CEO with full powers. So what are my virtues, but I know my limits even better. My knowledge of the area must be the sports activity. I was offered the role of technical director, before I was hired a director of football of trust of the CEO, then, according to the organisation chart that was presented to me, I should share any project, purchase or sale of soccer player.

“I never asked to have a direct contact with the property to bypass the CEO; I expressed the wish to hear from Mr David Han Li, Executive Director of Sino Europe Sports, I only met him for a few minutes, what they expected from me; I wanted to hear from his voice what goals they had set ourselves and what investments they plan to do. I defend the right of people in charge of important companies like AC Milan to choose their employees based on the criteria most appropriate to them, I would do the same thing in their position, but also reiterate that my values ​​and my independence of thought will be more and more important to me than any job.”

Milan are currently in the process of being taken over by a Chinese consortium – a deal which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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