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Panamanian Diplomat killed in Belize,suspect detained

By Editor
Nov 29th, 2014

Panamanian Diplomat Murdered in Belmopan. Jose Rodrigo de la Rosa

Panamanian Diplomat Murdered in Belmopan. Jose Rodrigo De la Rosa

Belmopan ( AP + DIPLOMAT.SO) – Authorities in Belize say they have detained a man suspected of killing a Panamanian diplomat.

Jose Rodrigo De La Rosa was charge d’affaires at the Panamanian embassy in Belmopan, the capital of Belize.

His body was found late Sunday near a highway on the outskirts of the city with cut wounds on his head and neck.

The spokeswoman for Panama’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said Wednesday a three-member team of investigators and diplomats had been sent to Belize to familiarize themselves with the case.

Spokeswoman Monica de Leon said De La Rosa was a 64-year-old career diplomat. The ministry said he had served in various postings, including in Canada, Bolivia, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and Israel.

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